There is priceless information that needs to be shared with the community. Please note that the availability of these resources available locally is time limited! See dates and times below. Every single person who has been impacted by loss of property or by property damage should visit: 

Disaster Activity Center

30440 Agoura Road, Agoura Hills, CA 91301

The DAC currently has over 45 government agencies onsite and under one roof with the dedicated purpose of empowering those impacted by loss and/or damage to leverage the offerings of these entities in:

• Replacing lost records

• Filing insurance claims

• Applying for FEMA aid

• Obtaining Info on cleanup, repair & rebuilding

• Public and community resources for disaster recovery

Find more resources at lacounty.gov/WoolseyFire

These agencies can:

Field questions about debris clearance, fire insurance coverage, rebuilding, mudslide danger, and much more.


The deadline to file a FEMA report is 60 days post event, Jan 11, 2019.

Your FEMA report number is just the FIRST step in the process. 

Everyone should also register with the County 211 Disaster Services, then progress utilizing the provided list of agencies. Every entity has something to offer and even if one person doesn’t require the post office services or EDD or DPSS (emergency food stamps), a neighbor or friend might ... 

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A curated list of resources


26th District / Julia Brownley

Congresswoman Julia Brownley's office has put together a comprehensive list for fire relief including: 

Quick Guide
Evacuation Centers
FEMA Disaster Assistance
Veterans Assistance
Tax Relief & IRS Assistance
Additional State Assistance Services

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LA County Recovery Tool Kit

This kit was created to assist residents in rebuilding their lives following the devastating Woolsey Fire. Links include information on FEMA Financial Assistance, available County recovery services, information from your local cities and elected officials and other state and federal resources that will help guide you in the Woolsey Fire recovery process.

tool kit page

Give an Hour — Mental Health Aide

Give an Hour exists for those who don’t have access to compassionate mental health care. Licensed mental health providers have joined Give an Hour to change the direction of mental health and volunteer to provide direct services.

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Dr's on Demand —Through 11/30

Dr's on Demand is offering a covered psychology visit to those impacted by the Thousand Oaks tragedy (code AID18), and covered medical visit for those impacted by the California fires (code CA18) from now until 11/30.

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The following content was created and contributed by long-time resident and home builder LeRoy West, who also lost his home in Malibu Lake in the Woolsey Fire.  "I’ve been a resident of Malibou Lake for 24 years and lost my home in the Woolsey fire.  Perhaps like you, I am going through the process of negotiating with my insurance company, finding a temporary home, replacing my possessions and grieving my losses. I have attached a list of local resources I’ve gathered.  I hope it is useful to you."

new west homes


Register for Help

Register at the shelters, with Red Cross and any other agency there, (California FEMA, etc.) Most of the aid coming in will use these lists as a point of contact and will help ensure that you are included.  This will be especially important should FEMA be activated, which is very likely with the amount of devastation experienced.

Free AirBnB Accommodation

If you need immediate accommodation assistance Airbnb hosts are generously offering FREE accommodation for impacted evacuees. 

AirBnB near me

Get a PO Box

Forward all mail to the PO Box. Then use this PO Box as the mailing address on all forms you begin to fill out.

Save all Receipts

Save all receipts, including gas. This will also get the ball rolling for the insurance claim on your home and rebuilding.

Contact Homeowners/Rental Insurance

Call Homeowners/Rental insurance to trigger "Loss of Use" This coverage should also give you some immediate access to funds for essentials, clothes, toothbrushes, food, etc.  

Longer Term Rental Search

Include insurance info on applications. Find a place you like. You should be able to get a "Like Property" your insurance can cover. You may want to coordinate with your insurance company so that payments can be made directly from them using your “Loss of Use” money.

Plan on renting 1-2 years, but do not necessarily sign a lease for this long as your circumstances can change.

Personal Property List

Start working on your personal property list.  Create a list on your phone or a pad of paper you keep with you at all times so you can continue to add items as you remember them. Replacement Cost that you will list should be cost to replace the item now, not at the time you purchased. Make sure you list everything, even if it is above and beyond your policy limit.  This is very important because everything above and beyond the policy limit is considered a Loss and may be claimed as such on your taxes. (Consult your advisor)


Call your utilities and freeze or cancel service:  Electric, Gas, TV, Land Line phone.  Also cancel or update address to PO Box for any newspaper or other regular delivery. 

Call the rest of your insurers as needed: Car insurance, any specialty insurance for unique items.


You may be able to claim the monetary loss of the value of all your items minus what you receive from your insurance company, and may be able to carry losses back 2-5 years. 

Network with others

You will learn so much from others as you go through the rebuilding process.  We all have our strengths so share yours and use others. The amount of time that you will spend on the rebuild, insurance, recovery process is staggering so you need to use all your resources.

Let people do things for you

As you buy things, tell store owners your situation. Stores may give you some level of discount as their way of helping you.

.Do you have a friend that you can send to the store to buy you some basic clothes or comfort foods?  Let them do it – they want to help and you don’t need to spend time doing these errands.   

Be Safe

If you will be able to participate in cleaning your lot, buy a respirator,  sturdy boots, gloves, and shovels. Take off your shoes and clothes before coming into the house. Take warm baths or showers, not hot, to get debris off of you. 


Debris Removal

This may require a permit. (This should be covered by your insurance. You may have to ask them for this to be specifically covered.)

Erosion Control

If you are on hill or sloping property you may need to put some sort of erosion control measures in place. Again this may need a permit.  

Temporary Power Pole/Trailer

An on-site permit. Getting this early on can prove helpful in the rebuilding process.